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Life’s Transitions

Someone once said that the only constant in life is change. The experience of being alive means we are constantly transitioning from one moment to the next, which requires adjustments physically, mentally, and emotionally. Most people have a predictable routine that minimizes the inevitable stress that comes with change. We get up, get dressed, take care of family, go to work, interact with friends, pay bills, etc. The predictability and familiarity of each of these changing moments throughout the day make them easier to negotiate and experience.

However, sometimes events occur that we are not prepared for and are not part of our routines; getting fired from a job, having a big fight with a spouse, moving from a familiar area, getting promoted, having a baby, getting married. Life transitions can be both positive and negative. Since they are new and/or unexpected, it is inevitable that emotions such as fear, anger, concern, joy, happiness, and excitement will be felt more intensely. It is at times like these that counseling services from Colorado Psychotherapy Services are useful by giving a place to process the events and changes as well as helping to develop new tools and routines to accommodate the changes.

People have often found that by meeting with the psychologists at Colorado Psychotherapy Services from time to time, that they proactively reduce the amount of stress or anxiety they experience in their day to day lives or that could occur as the result of unforeseen life transitions. These types of meetings are seen as a way of maintaining good mental health, which increase quality of life. People make a point to get annual physicals and see the dentist twice per year to prevent cavities, instead of waiting to get a cavity before seeking treatment. Mental health is just as important as physical health and often times it is far easier and less painful to prevent problems. Psychotherapy can be used to gain insights and understanding in how you view the world, to learn what could cause out of proportion emotional reactions, to decrease fears, worries, and discomfort and to increase a sense of comfort, peace, meaningful awareness, and fulfillment.


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  • "My life was in complete shambles when I came to see Dr. Meredith. She helped me turn things around at my own pace. She has amazing insight and intuition and heals with kindness, respect and compassion. I feel stronger now than I ever thought possible." --J.H.
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